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Spokane, Cairo

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Spokane, WA, U.S.A. – Anguish and desire…the raw emotion on these girls’ faces is nothing short of electric – the camera catches them in pure transparency; no filter between what they are feeling, and what they express.

They FEEL FREE to express their feelings


Cairo, Egypt – Voters flock to polls to cast their opinion for their country’s future. It is a phenomenon.

“You can see the look in their eyes, watch their discipline, it’s amazing. It’s the changing of a whole society,” said Mohamed el Anan, 60, a banker. “People FEELING FREE to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – that’s the whole point.” (Spokesman-Review).

What is the reaction time between what you feel and what you portray? Is it instantaneous? Does it take hours – or even days- for you to verbalize what you’ve been experiencing inside your head?

Have you been listening to a dictator or a coach?

A dictator tells you what to think and say. The definition of a coach is one who guides you to realize your biggest potential.

Go ahead. Tilt the poll in your favor. Express your own ‘yes’ or ‘no.’