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New mode in a new abode

In Uncategorized on February 14, 2011 at 4:40 pm

I’ve been doing a different kind of travelling, lately. The moving kind.

Although there are many parallels between taking a trip and relocating, there is one fundamental difference.

Travelling draws the attention OUTWARD. Moving draws the attention INWARD.

Moving Surrounded by a host of old photos and mementos, we’re confronted by the past in the form of all we have collected and kept, for either unconscious or deliberate reasons.

Travelling With only a small suitcase in tow and no familiar reminders of where we were born or went to high school, we’re allowed to lose ourselves in another culture, another place, another people.

The physical act of travelling to someone else’s home always raises this question for me:

How do these people live and what can I learn from them?

The physical effort it requires to move our stuff and ourselves to a new abode can be a powerful time of self-reflection.

What do I need to be comfortable?

What can I give away or throw away?

 What kind of space do I want to crate and inhabit?

Are you in a moving or travelling mode right now?


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