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Miracle on Division Street; Spokane, Washington

In Uncategorized on December 20, 2010 at 5:16 am

I am driving home from Christmas shopping, down Division Street; even with snow tires I’m sliding in the slushy snow, a white rainbow of car headlights and store lights illuminate the night. And here is the miracle: everything about this scene caused hatred and resentment last winter, and the winter before, and the winter before…

Tonight, Adele christmas music is playing on the radio, I’m driving home to Christmas dinner  and plan on eating a bowlful of guacamole and drinking a fabulous Cab Sav wine (Irony, Napa Valley) around the fireplace, the football game is on (go Green Bay), and you know what? I have absolutely embraced this winter. And in doing so, I am absolutely loving this winter.

I love the white austere beauty of the trees and the mountains, I love the smell of fresh pine Christmas trees, I love  parties with co-workers and friends, I love Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas”, I love morning coffee by the fireplace, I love picking out fun white & silver gift wrap with gold bows at Target,  I love my red Navajo wool jacket that makes me feel like a modern day Pocahontas, and I love the sacred reflection of the season.

We scramble to buy gifts for the people we love that we probably can’t afford, and we eat too much and drink too much. And we grow solemn and contemplative as we light candles and read the story of Jesus’ birth. And we are delighted and renewed and grounded all at the same time by the fact that God himself became a baby. In this human flesh. In this messy world. The world that we inhabit. The world we struggle in, and cry in, and laugh in, and worry in, and rush in, and fuss in, and love in.

Tonight I am struck by the miracle of Jesus. How he redeems the big picture, the entire world, and the beauty of it seeps down to the tiny details, and catches me up in his story, here in Spokane. On Division Street. Among the ridiculous drivers and cheesy lights. I know I won’t be here forever. I know someday I will be in a town with culture and diversity and I’ll have this amazing flat where I can walk to the market  and WALK EVERYWHERE. But until then, I am absolutely embracing this winter in Spokane, for as long as it lasts. And the people and love and life surrounding me is thick and alive and rich and beautiful.

The fact that I am happy to be here, is the biggest miracle of all. The fact that my perspective is a complete 360 from last year – that is a witness to the truth that Jesus was born and is alive.

Glory to God in the highest! Joy to the World!


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