travel notes

Starbucks, Spokane, Washington

In WA on October 4, 2010 at 8:49 pm

I sit inside Starbucks, tapping away at laptop keys, trying to arrange my soul’s thoughts like confetti into an organized system, language, letters.

I watch the people in their cars going through the drive-through window. I am captivated by the aspect of God in each one of them; the Spokane version of Martha Stewart (blue Ralph Lauren blouse, short blond bob, pearl earrings, matching blue Lexus), the mother in a red truck, little boy in back seat booster, her hair short and dark, her feautures masculine but attractive. I wonder where they are going?

A young woman in bright pink shirt, her bald head visible despite a bright pink baseball cap, chats with her friend in the front seat next to her. An older lady with long graying hair applies moisturizer to her dewy soft skin. A middle-aged man, mustache and balding, jets by in his yellow jeep, chocolate lab in the open front seat, golden lab in the back.

At a table in front of me, a deaf woman learns to speak with her instructor, a combination of hand movements and strange audible sounds. A dad and his little boy, an adorable black tike with red rubber mud shoes dash out the door with coffee and chocolate milk in hand.

In this life, we have the power to choose so much:  the trajectory of our life, our thoughts, attitude, and actions. But some things come to us as gifts.

This morning, I’ve been blessed with the gift of seeing a glimmer of God, a spark of divinity in each person – and I am utterly blown away. God is all around us, and within us. I am held in his hand, connected at the hip, and pressed close to his heart; the Holy Spirit is just waiting to flow through me and out out into the vast world.

Today, I saw God in others.

Do people see Jesus in me?


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